How to create 3D cube effect in after effects! | 3D Cube preset | (Tutorial)

How to create 3d cube in after effects!

Hey guys, what's going on? I hope everything is fine.

So in this article, We are going to discuss how to create the "3D CUBE EFFECT" that I created in my last video. It's kinda complicated but easy at the same time. You can also say that it's preset for the 3d cube effect. So first of all, You will need a script/plug-in. I have provided that at the end of this article. alright, so now select your video/image and create a new composition. make sure its resolution is 1:1. So now watch this video. 

How To Use:

How to create 3d cube in after effects! (Tutorial)

Alright guys I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial I created for you guys. So now about that plug-in, Just click on the download button and follow the process I explained in the video. That's it.

Note: This plug-in is not created or owned by me. Credits goes its respectful owner.

I hope you liked this little article about After effects. Thank you for reading.

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