In this article, We are gonna discuss how to get skins in Free Fire. So basically we have to pay for these skins in this game. but you can get some of this limited-time by doing some missions they gave in-game. But it's too irritating that most of those skins can be used for 2 or 3 days. They are not permanent. Don't worry guys we have found a solution for that too. 

We have found one new event which will provide you permanent skins for sure. I will explain to you everything about that event, just continue reading.

To participate in that event you just need to follow some simple steps. 

1. Download This Application.

2. Login via Facebook.

3. After that you will find this type of form. just fill it.

4. That's it.

After filling that form you will get one of these skin in your account within 24 Hours.

I hope you liked this little article about Free Fire Game. Thank you for reading.

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