So hey guys today we are giving you a REDEEM CODE that will help you to get 150UC in your pubg Mobile Account.

As you can see, this a proof that you will get 660UC in your account.

What to do:-

1. First of all click on the "REDEEM CODE" button.
2. After clicking on the REDEEM CODE button you will redirected to a page where you can get the redeem code.
3. Now just copy or note down the code and paste it into your google play account.
4. Now you will see that there is around 300rs on your account.
5. Open pubg mobile, and purchase the uc with the google play account.

That's it.

Redeem code #1:-

Redeem code #2:-

Redeem code #3:-

Redeem code #4:-

Redeem code #5:-

This redeem codes will change in every 2 hour! 
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